Let’s go back to the 80s

SquarePants Mono on a typewriter

February 2021:
Hurray! After a few months of work in iterative steps [constructing, testing, adjusting… and again] my bitmap font is now finally ready. By just moving one pixel at a time—with only 5 px for the x-height and letter width—SquarePants Mono took shape. It is astonishing to see how far one can push the contours of the glyphs to sometimes ‘weird’ graphics, but still make us think we’re reading Roman characters! Bitmapping as an act of mindfulness and a useful training in managing contrast.

SquarePants Next Micro sketch

With more than 200(!) glyphs SquarePants Mono contains a full Google Fonts Basic character set. Use this fine monospaced font to:

  • Imitate the time-honoured look of typewriters
  • Create simple tables without further formatting
  • Compose plain emails [never use HTML for this!]
  • Write computer code

Table in SquarePants Mono

Email in SquarePants Mono

Python code in SquarePants Mono

March 2022: A bolder ‘brother’—with added contrast to improve legibility—is currently under construction.