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From the archive

Truck platooning

truck platooning draft

From the archive: In many sectors, the demands placed on our work are changing. Technological developments are going faster than ever before. Think of digitization, robotization, the Internet of Things, big data. As a result, jobs are disappearing, new ones are added and, above all, they change the content of many activities.

The new requirements set by technology must be attuned to people in such a way that the performance of people with technology is optimal. TNO develops new methods and models and instruments for realizing the desired people-work-technology coordination.

In 2017 I designed this publication for TNO about a still relevant theme.

Koninklijke aandacht

From the archive: Building an archive is a lovely, long-winded, never-ending affair. Each project added is done so with reference to, and in memory of, previous projects. It’s a reflection of your taste and mindset, both of which can change. Consider a good archive as a map of your time spent and spaces travelled.

In 2014 I realized this 💙 charming photo book for Alzheimer Nederland.