Een probleem is vaak een project…



Marcel van Deijl Down under obstacle run 2019

Global warming? Not exactly one year ago when I joined the Down Under Obstacle Run (7.5 mi) in Nieuwegein (NL).

It was a double challenge: fighting numerous, slippery obstacles plus poor weather conditions. With a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius it appeared to be the coldest 6th of October since 1936! A hot shower after some serious exercise never felt so good before!


I have made this infographic [proposal] for TNO back in 2017, but an actual fact still is: traffic jams clutter our overcrowded country. The solution for commuters is quite simple + healthy: step on a bike once in a while! 👍🏢🔁🚴

[Off the record: In the past nine years I’ve travelled roughly 22,000 miles between Utrecht and Zeist on my MTB.]