Dienstfiets [part II]

Miles travelled between Utrecht and Zeist

In the past 10 years I’ve travelled roughly 24,000 miles between Utrecht and Zeist on my MTB!
[Compare: a ride around the equator = 26,000 miles]

Dienstfiets [part I]

I have made this infographic [proposal] for TNO back in 2017, but an actual fact still is: traffic jams clutter our overcrowded country. The solution for commuters is quite simple and healthy: Step on a bike once and a while!

Koninklijke aandacht

Building in archive is a lovely, long-winded, never-ending affair. Each project added is done so with reference to—and in memory of—previous projects. It’s a reflection of your taste and mindset, both of which can change. Consider a good archive as a map of your time spent and spaces travelled.

In 2014 I realized this charming book for Alzheimer Nederland.