Bring that retro look of the 80s to your desktop

Matriks 2 proof

Stop-motion proof for my pixel-typeface Matriks 2. A flexible, vintage type family developed for your day-to-day use on screen. Meticulously build on a 5×7 matrix: five pixels for x-height, plus one pixel for capitals and ascenders, and another pixel for descenders.

By just moving one pixel at a time, the Matriks fonts [Dunglish for Matrix] took shape. It is astonishing to see how far one can push the contours of the glyphs to sometimes weird graphics but still make us think we’re reading Roman characters! Bitmapping as an act of mindfulness and useful training in managing contrast.

Matriks 2 has two different pixel shapes: Square and Dot, and two weights: Normal and Bold. Special attention has been given to the Bold weights. In fact contrast in letterforms increases legibility! These designs are more detailed and work well as display fonts in larger sizes.

With more than 200(!) glyphs all the Matriks fonts contain a full Google Fonts Basic character set. Now add this retro look to your typographic palette and get your copies for 2.00 EUR per font (that’s less than 0.01 EUR per glyph). Just send me a DM: designisfijn[at]icloud[dot]com.