Sexy qua lijf doch bang voor het zwemapk

Type specimen bitmap font Vechtstreek Text

Inspired by Chicago (the first sans-serif typeface designed by Susan Kare for Apple Computer) Vechtstreek Text is a true vector-based font with a retro bitmap look-and-feel 168 glyphs pure nostalgia!

Bring the 80s to your desktop

Matriks 3 Grades

Meet Matriks 3, a clever, small monospaced (sometimes called fixed-width, fixed-pitch, or non-proportional) type family specially developed for day-to-day use on screen.

Meticulously build on a 5×7 matrix: five pixels for x-height, plus one pixel for capitals and ascenders, and another pixel for descenders. By just moving one pixel at a time, the Matriks fonts (Dunglish for ‘matrix’), took shape. It is astonishing to see how far one can push the contours of the glyphs to sometimes weird graphics but still make us think we’re reading Roman characters!

With more than 200 glyphs each font contains a full Google Fonts Basic character set. I designed Matriks 3 in a series of grades: Regular, Bold and Black. They are build on the same matrix, but offer different degrees of darkness on the screen. Unlike the weights of a type family—which grow progressively wider as they get bolder—Matriks grades increase clever in color, without affecting copyfit!

Design Bible

Design Bible by Irma Boom

For a book designer with a predilection for grand gestures, the overview of her own design practice was remarkably small: 38 by 50 mm. Irma Boom designed ‘Biography in Books’ in 2010 for an exhibition at the Special Collections of the UvA in Amsterdam.

All books, corporate identities, stamps and posters designed by her until then were depicted in the edition, in reverse order and sometimes accompanied by a commentary. A physically small edition, but 704 pages thick, neatly bound, with a red dust jacket and edge. Like many other Boom designs, this mini-catalog quickly became a collector’s item, offered online for prices of up to $1,600.

(Source: NRC Magazine #9 / 2022)

And look what I have in my library… Bought a long time ago for 25 EUR. Sjoerd immediately started googling: there is indeed more than 1,700 US dollars offered for this signed edition! I think I should keep this book in a safe…