Me Myself and I

Marcels talent—as a graphic designer—is to make complex information user-friendly. He uses a short-cycle approach that stimulates progressive insight:

“It’s important to explore bad ideas, so you know specifically what DOESN’T work. Each following loop you bring your experience from the previous loop with you. Design + redesign. An iterative process: explore, try, share, test, reject … and start over again. More iterations = better solutions.”

More iteration = Better results

He is used to working for large clients on complex issues that involve designing structured information. He has extensive experience at various design agencies. Always puts himself in the position of the end user of his work, dares to take untrodden paths and make recommendations about the content. He often surprises his clients with well-thought-out design proposals and enjoys working together from concept to final product. Constantly with an eye for detail. His passion for simplicity, typography and human-centered design is reflected in everything he makes: Keep It Smart and Simple (#KISS).