Marcel van Deijl

My name is Marcel van Deijl. I am a graphic designer currently working at OSAGE (part of Happy Horizon). My focus is on reading experiences across traditional, current and future media—from book and editorial design, typography, web and interaction design to concept development. For nearly three decades, I have helped clients adapt to the changing media landscape by thinking critically and acting in a problem-solving way. Constantly with an eye for detail. Content is as important as form, and I don’t mind design that is ‘invisible’ every once in a while. My passion for typography is reflected in everything I do: To serve + express language.

More iteration = Better results

My talent—as a (graphic) designer—is to make complex information user-friendly. I use a short-cycle approach that stimulates progressive insight. It’s important to explore bad ideas so you know specifically what doesn’t work. Each following loop you bring your experience from the previous loop with you. Design and redesign: an iterative process: explore, try, share, test, reject... and start over again. More iterations = better solutions.